Equipment we use on investigations


Spirit Boxes aka “Ghost Box”

Spirit Boxes (SB7, SB11 and SBox) are paranormal research devices that are basically radio scanners. The Spirit Box will continuously scan about 5 radio stations per second, creating “white noise.” Spirits are said to be able to use the energy from this white noise to form words and phrases that we can hear on these devices.


EMF Meters (Electromagnetic Field Meters)

These meters measure changes in the electromagnetic fields that are all around us. Spirits are said to be able to manipulate these fields when attempting to manifest (or show themselves) or interact with us.

EMF Meters include: MelMeter, Rook Meter, EDI+, K2 Meters, REM Pods, Para Lights and others.


IR (Infrared) / Full Spectrum Video Cameras

These special video cameras are able to record in complete darkness. Spirits supposedly reside in both far ends of the light spectrum, Infrared, which is completely invisible to the human eye, and Full Spectrum, which captures visible and IR light. They may pick up anomalies such as apparitions or orbs that the naked eye can’t see.


EVP Recorders (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

EVPs are voices, whispers or other audible disturbances that can’t be heard by the human ear. Recorders can pick up these sounds and be heard during playback. There are several recorders on the market including wearable and stationary items.


Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are great tools for the paranormal investigator. Not only do they take snapshots of where you are investigating, apparitions and other paranormal evidence have shown up on pictures.


Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are used to detect movement within a specific range ahead of the sensor. They usually alert you through an audio or visual alert and can be great tools for investigators.


Laser Grids/Pens

Laser Grids and Laser Pens project laser patterns. These devices help to clearly detect movement and define shape within the laser grid being projected onto a wall. When spirits pass through the laser grid, the laser pattern will be broken, making it easy to detect movement.


Thermal Cameras

These specialized cameras sense heat or lack thereof, making them the perfect tool for paranormal investigations. They help to visualize temperature changes in the environment.


Trigger Objects

Any object that may have a personal meaning to a spirit or a time period. These items may help entice a spirit to communicate with the investigator. Most common trigger objects include: coins, dolls, teddy bears, balls, playing cards and dice.


Pendulums, Dowsing Rods

These items are used to ask questions to spirits. Spirits can move the pendulum or dowsing rods in specific ways for yes and no answers.


EMF Pumps

These are a “power source” for ghosts. They put off electromagnetic energy for spirits to use.


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