aka "G Money"
Lead Investigator

Jennifer has been married to her husband (6 Sense Paranormal Audio/Video Tech Guy) for 25 years.  They have 2 beautiful children together, including fellow investigator and founder, Katie aka "Space Cadet".

Jennifer has been intrigued by the paranormal since she was a young girl.  She has been investigating the paranormal for close to a decade.  Her favorite part of the paranormal is not only investigating, but also researching the location's history.  She has an extensive paranormal book collection and is always looking to add to her collection.

In her spare time, Jennifer loves going on road trips with her family and two dogs, especially to haunted locations.  She's been known to book family vacations around haunted locations.  She also enjoys shopping for antiques, watching horror movies and paranormal TV shows.  Some of Jennifer's favorite haunted locations include The Outlaws and Law Men Jail Museum (Colorado), Haunted Mines (Colorado), The Victor Hotel (Colorado), and Holly's Main Street Antiques (Michigan).

aka "Space Cadet"
Lead Investigator

Katie was born in Canada.  She has lived in Colorado Springs since 2016.  She attended her first paranormal investigation at age 13 and has been hooked ever since.  Katie has the ability to connect with spirits.  She often feels and hears things while on investigations that others don't.  She is working on these abilities to strenghten them so she can be more in tune to the spirit world.

Katie owns a haunted doll named Vince.  Vince followed her home from a local investigation and attached himself to one of her dolls.

Katie's other hobbies include making short films, writing, drawing, and owning her own jewelry business.

She is currently attending UCCS as an Aerospace Engineer Major.

Her favorite haunted locations include the Victor Hotel (Colorado), The Cathedral Of The Holy Trinity (Canada), and Haunted Mines (Colorado).

aka "Gremlin"
Psychic Medium

Valerie is a young psychic medium.  She was born and raised in Colorado Springs.  She is also a military wife.

She has experienced her gifts since she was very young, she started educating herself on her gifts around the age of 14 and she has been in tune with her gift since then.  (Feel free to ask questions at an investigation)

Valerie has also worked as a haunt actress for Hellscream Entertainment for the past few years.

aka "Bigg E"
Investigator in Training

Eric is the newest member of the team.  He was born and raised in Colorado Springs and has always had an interest in the paranormal and all things creepy and scary.  Always the investigator, he loves to explore, learn, and experience new things.  Eric is so excited to finally be part of this team and to find evidence of paranormal activity and maybe even see some ghosts!

aka "Tewkster"
Tech Support

Guy is a typical geek who provides audio & video tech support for the team during events.  He also manages the web & email domain for 6 Sense Paranormal.

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